AutoMuteUs Portable

Why was it developed? 🤔

AutoMuteUs is a BOT server designed to integrate the popular game Among Us with Discord.

While the official BOT server is operated by the developers, it has limitations on simultaneous users. This often led to the inability to use the BOT, especially on Friday nights when the player count for Among Us is high.

In response, self-hosting became a trend for AutoMuteUs. However, AutoMuteUs was developed with a microservices architecture and assumed deployment using Docker Compose. Therefore, running it on Windows required installing WSL 2, Docker Desktop, cloning AutoMuteUs with Git, editing the docker-compose.yml file, and executing the setup. While this process was straightforward for those familiar with WSL and Docker, it posed a significant challenge for casual gamers with limited server knowledge.

Moreover, the memory consumption from running WSL and Docker was high, making it impractical to use alongside the game.

Hence, the development of AutoMuteUs Portable began with the aim of simplifying configuration and minimizing resource consumption.

How to go about it without Docker...?

The solution was quite simple: build each component of AutoMuteUs for Windows, develop an application that correctly sets environment variables, and execute it.

Fortunately, the cumulative download count has reached 7800, with 928 downloads for the latest version, indicating continued usage.

Major Update Plans 🔃

While the current version is v3.1.1, I acknowledges the shortcomings in the coding during the initial development (as a second-year student at KOSEN in winter). Therefore, there is a desire to undertake a full scratch update. However, coming up with a suitable system design has proven challenging, causing a bit of a standstill 😪.