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This spring, I transferred from a KOSEN to Tokyo Institute of Technology, Department of Computer Science for my third year. At the KOSEN, I researched on the optimization of coefficients for model patching in deep learning. At the university, I would like to do research related to large language models (LLM). My hobbies are listening to music, programming, and studying pure mathematics. My goals for the time being are - To deepen my understanding of AI, not only LLMs, but also from a mathematical background. - To polish up my programming skills by learning many languages, frameworks, and implementation patterns, and eventually make a living as a freelance. I am currently an intern at TRUSTART, Inc. Currently, I am writing code as an intern at TRUSTART and also doing some side projects. My coding as a hobby is currently - Migration from Arch Linux to NixOS - Working on a side project, AMUP (doing PoC of asynchronous plugin system with Rust). Please teach me ;;


  1. December 2023 - Present

    TRUSTART, Inc., System Development Team, long-term internship

    Interview article published!


  1. April 2024 - Present

    Tokyo Institute of Technology, School of Computing, Department of Computer Science

  2. April 2019 - March 2024

    National Institute of Technology, Kagoshima College, Department of Information Engineering

Side Projects

    Portfolio website developed with Next.js 14 and TinaCMS

    AutoMuteUs Portable

    Portable application manage to execute AutoMuteUs, which is Discord BOT integrates with Among Us

Tech Stacks

  1. React

  2. Next.js

  3. Typescript

  4. Python

  5. PyTorch

  6. dnSpy, WPF, C# and more


  1. Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination

    October 2021

  2. TOEIC L&R 895

    September 2022

  3. The EIKEN Test Pre-1

    November 2020